Published On: October 1st, 2018Categories: Pipe Replacements1.1 min read

Do you have old lead pipes at your property in Farnborough?

When corrosion occurs, these types of pipes can contaminate your tap water which is particularly damaging for young children and babies. As might be expected, homes built before 1970 are most likely to have this type of piping, fixtures and soldering.

One way to check is to see whether your pipes are made of lead is to check if they’re soft; if gently scraped, they should reveal a shiny, silver-coloured metal underneath. Tapping a lead pipe should also produce a dull sound rather than a clear ringing noise.

Although lead poisoning is rare, it’s still makes much more sense to replace these types of pipes, which definitely increase the risk. MDPE pipes are also much stronger and produce much cleaner water than old lead pipes.

If you need pipe replacements in Farnborough, DJ Pipeworks can replace your old pipework with strong and stable MDPE replacements.

We offer a wide range of services in Farnborough which include pipe replacements and repairs, water pipe moling, trenchless moling, and leak detections. We can carry out any pipe replacements in the most non-intrusive way possible, with our services always offered at a highly competitive price.

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