What’s involved in replacing my supply pipe?

DJpipeworks aim to cause minimal disruption to you and your property. We are able to offer fast and efficient water supply pipe installation requiring no independent inspection from water authorities.

DJpipeworks uses trenchless technology which helps reduce the amount of disruption. We wont need to dig up your garden and driveway. Usually we will only need to dig a small entry hole at the boundary of your property to connect to your existing external stop cock and another small exit hole at the connection point to your property, depending on the route of other utilities, Gas pipe, electric cables, drains/foul etc.

Our work is generally carried out in one day and your water supply will be turned of no more than 15 minutes for connection to your new supply.

DJpipeworks Services commonly uses a 45mm Grundomat Mole for installation of pipes up to 1 inch diameter. We always carry out an initial site survey before moling to assess whether there are any existing underground services in the area.

Lead pipes provide only one third of that of the modern plastic pipes. DJpipeworks will install new MDPE poly pipes which dramatically improve the water flow to your property.

No Water! Low Pressure! High Meter Reading! You May Have A Leak!

No visible leaks

DJpipeworks will survey the site our aim will be to locate the leak with the least disruption to your property, In many cases leaks are not always visible DJpipeworks will use specialist gas tracing equipment to locate excavate & repair the leak and advise also condition of your supply pipe with reference to replacing if necessary.

DJ Pipeworks Rusty Pipe

“Friendly and professional service. Changed the pipe quickly and with hardly any endemic they’d been. Would definitely recommend.”

New water main installed, Guildford

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