Water Supply Pipe Moling and Leak Detection in Basingstoke. Contact DJ Pipeworks today, we have gained specialist skills with over 25 years of experience in the Water Industry and are trained to meet existing water bylaws and current water regulation standards. Our experience ranges from large diameter water mains to the smaller water supply pipes that feed the average home.

Our services in Basingstoke:

Trenchless Moling

Djpipeworks typically use a 45mm grundomat displacement mole powered by a 7bar air compressor small excavations are carried out at regulated depths of between 750mm-1300mm maximum distance between holes can be up to 15 metres per launch pit.

Pipe Tracing

Supply pipes leaks can also be detected using the cut and cap method this entails tracing the supply pipes using a cable avoidance tool (CAT) metal supplies are clipped and traced using a gennie device. Plastic MDPE supply pipes are traced using a flexi trace cable inserted up the supply and then traced large sections of pipework can be eliminated with this method.

Leak Detection

Djpipeworks use a number of methods to locate non visible surface leaks our preferred method is tracer gas detection gas is applied to the supply pipe forcing the water out Nitrogen/hydrogen gas is then located using a gas detector once gas is detected at the surface excavation and repair is carried out.

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