Published On: December 25th, 2017Categories: Pipe Replacements0.9 min read

Has your home in Basingstoke not been modernised since the 1970s?

In that case, the chances are that you still have older pipes in your building which should be replaced, especially they’re made of lead- this metal can contaminate your drinking water and have a negative effect on your health.

Whether you have leaky pipes or are worried about lead in your system, DJ Pipeworks can replace old pipes with new plastic MDPE pipes which will eliminate any problems with poor water pressure, lead contaminate water, clogging or limescale.

After replacing your pipes at your home or business in Basingstoke, we will issue you with a certificate for you and your water supplier to document the fact work has been carried out in accordance with regulations and bylaws.

Pipe replacements can be installed with as little disruption to your property as possible, with our team using the latest techniques, such as the use of high tech moling equipment and trenchless techniques for use on driveways, pathways and gardens.

If you need your pipe replaced in Basingstoke, simply get in touch with our expert Darren today on 07919247898 or 01252 711858.


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