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Djpipeworks Water Services Covering Surrey, Hampshire,Berkshire and surrounding areas provide a comprehensive range of water services using the latest trenchless technology and moling equipment to lay and replace underground water supply pipes with minimal disruption to your property and surrounding areas.


Djpipeworks also use a number of methods to locate leaks however small using accoustic ground microphone and tracer gas equipment to name a few

Tracer gas is a very affective method to locate hard to find leaks

The supply is emptied of water in turn a safe hydrogen/nytrogen mix gas is introduced to the supply rising through any surface quickly from the source of the leak excavated and repaired without the need for numerous holes dug.


We have gained specialist skills with over 25 years of experience in the Water Industry.We are trained to meet existing water bylaws and current water regulation standards, Our experience range from large diameter water mains to the smaller water supply pipes that feed the average home.

Why would I need to replace my water supply pipe ?


There are a number of reasons for replacing your existing pipe-work.

These include: •Poor water pressure•Lead contaminated water

•Repeat leakage •Narrow bore lead water pipes causing clogging and limescale

DJpipeworks will replace your water pipe with a new plastic mdpe pipe this will eliminate all of these problems.

Using our high tech moling equipment we are able to replace existing pipe-work without needing to dig trenches, minimising disruption to the property

This trenchless technique is ideal for using in driveways, pathways and gardens where new or replacement services are required without disturbing the surface above.

On completion of our work we will issue a certificate to you & your water supplier that work has been carried out in accordance with the regulations or bylaws.

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