Published On: May 16th, 2022Categories: Need Experts in Trenchless Moling in Berkshire?1.1 min read

Trenchless moling is one of the various techniques we use to replace your old water pipes. Whether you need new pipes at a home or business property in Berkshire, we deliver a speedy and reliable service. 

What does the trenchless moling process involve?

Our team typically uses a 45mm grundomat displacement mole which is powered by a 7bar air compressor. Small excavations are carried out at regulated depths of between 750mm-1300mm, with a maximum distance between holes can be up to 15 metres per launch pit.

There are many advantages to this method, including the fact it is less expensive than traditional trenching methods. This procedure is also suitable for all soil conditions, with the exception of rock. Water pipes can be replaced with the minimal amount of disruption to your property or business. 

Meanwhile, methods we use to detect leaks, including the use of tracer gas. 

In some cases, we can also use the cut and cap method, which involves tracing the supply pipes using a cable avoidance tool (CAT). Plastic MDPE supply pipes are traced using a flexi trace cable inserted up the supply system.

If you want more information on any of our techniques, we’re always happy to help.

If you need trenchless moling in Berkshire, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information. 


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