Published On: December 10th, 2018Categories: Water Main Repairs1.2 min read

If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to carry out water main repairs, simply get in touch with DJ Pipeworks this winter.

We cover a wide range of locations in and around Bracknell, regularly replacing old lead pipes with the highest quality MDPE poly pipes. These modern plastic pipes are much more resilient and can be installed without an independent inspection from water authorities.

Whatever problem you might be having with your water mains, we can carry out quick and non-disruptive repairs, using the latest and best equipment.

Our team can not only mole-in water supply pipes, but also mole and install electric ducting with string lines through them for the electrician to pull through. Cables will be ready for all sorts of applications, including shed supplies, office supplies, electric ducting for electric gates. Gas supply pipes can also be moled when necessary.

Our services include underground leak detections, repairs and replacements to water main pipes. We can use trenchless methods to detect the source of any leaks at your property in Bracknell, which don’t involve digging up your garden.

Our expert team are dedicated to solving any problems you might be having with your water pipes. Quick and efficient, work can generally be carried out in the space of one day. Your water supply should also only be switched off for around 15 minutes to connect to the new supply.

If you need water main repairs in Bracknell, simply get in touch today.


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