Published On: April 18th, 2022Categories: High Quality Water Pipe Replacements In Hampshire1.1 min read

Old, leak-prone or lead pipes should be replaced in the quickest way possible. Otherwise they can cause all sorts of issues at your property, from damp and mould to damage to the structure of your building- not to mention your pocket (you’re likely to see your water bills soaring).

Lead pipes are not good for our health which is why they haven’t been installed in properties since the 1970s. Exposure to lead has been shown to be bad for our health, particularly that of babies and young children.

With over two decades of experience in this industry, you can rely on our team at DJ Pipeworks to keep your water system running smoothly.

Along with detecting leaks using non-obstructive technology, replacing old water pipes is a big part of what we do at DJ Pipeworks.

We use MDPE pipes to replace your old installations and always ensure they’re fitted to the finest standards. The process usually takes only one day and your water supply will be switched off for no more than 15 minutes. Our team always ensures you have the least amount of disruption to your routine.

DJ Pipeworks is always happy to offer a free no obligation quote for any project.

If you need pipe replacements in Hampshire, please contact our friendly team for more information.


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