Published On: February 7th, 2022Categories: Speedy Leak Detection Services In Farnborough1.7 min read

Need professionals specialising in water leaks and pipe replacements?

There are many signs your pipes could be leaking, including your water bills being higher than usual, signs of mould inside your property and peeling paint on your walls. Whatever the signs in your home or business, don’t hesitate to call our team for expert assistance.

DJ Pipeworks deliver non-intrusive leak detections at both commercial and domestic properties in Hampshire, including Farnborough. Where needed, we can replace your old pipes with brand new MPDE alternatives.

With our non-destructive leak detections, it’s quicker and easier to find the source of the problem, without digging up your garden or damaging your property.

No matter how small your leak might be, we use the most sophisticated methods to solve any problems with your water mains. We can find all leaks no matter how obscure they might be!

That includes acoustic ground microphone and tracer gas equipment, the latter of which is an effective method to locate hard to find leaks. It means the source of the leak can be excavated and repaired without the need for numerous holes dug.

Wth the growing popularity in electric vehicles, we are now also carrying out moling works for electric ducting pipework from properties to garages outbuildings; for example, we regularly install string-lined for cables to be pulled through, so you can easily charge your vehicle.

We also install cables if required ready for electricians to connect up car charge points.

Our team also carries out moling in gas pipeworks so gas safe engineers can connect up.

Put your water pipes in the hands of professionals.

You can rest assured our team in Farnborough is trained to meet existing water bylaws and water regulation standards. We have experience with everything from large diameter water mains to the smaller water supply pipes that feed the average home.

Whatever signs you might have of a leak, we promise a prompt and reliable service, with impeccable customer service.

If you’re seeking fast leak detection services in Farnborough, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.


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