Published On: January 10th, 2022Categories: A Top Team For Leak Detections In Farnborough1.1 min read

Have your water bills in Farnborough been on the rise? Or have you been suffering from stained or musty smelling rooms?

You might well have a leaking water pipe, in which case you must call an expert as soon as possible. There are various different signs that water pipes are leaking, including foundation cracks in your building, wet spots on the wall, and visible mold and mildew, all of which are unpleasant and unhealthy to live with.

Sometimes the signs are extremely obvious while other times they’re much more subtle, but in any case, it’s crucial not to let the problem get worse. We use the latest technology to find even the smallest leaks.

Quick and thorough leak detections in Farnborough.

With DJ Pipeworks, you’ll have professionals who source the cause of leaks, without any intrusive work being carried out. We use the latest and best methods for leak detections, along with to carry out pipe replacements.

Methods we use to locate leaks include using acoustic ground microphone and tracer gas equipment. Tracer gas is a very effective and safe method to locate hard-to-find leaks. Why not check out our gallery to see our recent projects?

For more information on our leak detection services in Farnborough, please contact our team for more information.


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