Published On: December 13th, 2021Categories: Efficient And Affordable Pipe Replacements In Surrey1.2 min read

Is your property in Surrey long overdue pipe replacements?

If you want a non-intrusive service to replace lead pipes, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

There are a number of reasons for replacing your current pipework in Surrey. Perhaps you’re suffering from poor water pressure, lead contaminated water, repeated leakages, clogging or limescale.

With Christmas on the way and temperatures dropping, you want your home to be in great working order. That includes having a reliable water system.

Whether you need emergency pipe replacements or experts to source a leak, DJ Pipeworks can come to your property in Surrey anytime. We regularly replace old lead pipes with high quality MDPE pipe replacements.

We can source leaks or install pipe replacements without digging up your garden.

We use the least intrusive techniques to find leaks and make repairs to your water pipes. In order to find leaks, we use tracer gas and also cut and cap methods, along with acoustics to hear leaks underground.

When it comes to replacing pipes, we use high tech moling equipment which means we don’t need to dig trenches.

With our quick and professional service in Surrey, you can have new pipes in time for the new year.Covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, our team is highly flexible and can come to your property as quickly as possible.

If you need water pipe replacements in Surrey, simply get in touch with our team today.


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