Published On: January 20th, 2020Categories: Water Pipe Repairs0.9 min read

Often one of the first signs that’s something wrong with water pipes is the sound they make. Sometimes it’s banging, whistling or clanking, other times it’s poor water pressure or, worse, no water at all.

Whether you’re having issues with your water pipes at your home or business, DJ Pipeworks have experienced team who can locate the source of any problem.

No matter if you know where a leak is, or you need a team to use non-disruptive techniques to find it, DJ PIpeworks work hard to keep your water mains running smoothly. When it comes to finding leaks, we always deploy the least disruptive techniques available, including trenchless technology, acoustic ground microphone and tracer gas equipment.

Our company work on water mains on properties all over Berkshire. Quick, professional and friendly, our team can get your water mains back in action as quickly as possible. On our gallery, you can get an idea of the kind of work we do. This includes replacing old pipes with brand-new MDPE replacements.

If you need water pipe repairs in Berkshire, simply contact our team today.

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