Published On: May 13th, 2019Categories: Leak Detection1 min read

Worried about the water pressure in the pipes at your home in Bracknell?

We tend to use more water in summer and damage incurred to pipes during the colder months often only becomes apparent during this season.

DJ Pipeworks regularly carry out leak detections using the latest technology, including the least intrusive techniques. We promise to cause the least amount of damage to your property. Our team can track down even the most hard-to-find leaks, with our methods include moling, trenchless technology, tracer gas equipment, and ground acoustic microphones.

Replace your pipes without disturbing the surface of your garden or driveway.

We’ve honed our skills over the past 25 years and there’s no leak we can’t take care of at your property in Bracknell. When needed we can replace your pipes whether you require large diameter water mains or the type of smaller water supply pipe which feeds the average home.

Our water industry approved services and plumbers can issue a certificate on completion of any work. We’re ideal for all kinds of clients including landlords, homeowners and business owners.

If you need a leak detection service in Bracknell, simply get in touch with DJ Pipeworks today.

01252 711858 or (mobile) 07919247898.


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