Published On: April 1st, 2019Categories: Pipe Replacements1.1 min read

If your property in Surrey was built before 1970 and hasn’t had its water system updated in decades, the chances are you still have lead pipes, which unfortunately aren’t good for people’s health, particularly children and pregnant women. Because of this lead pipes have been banned by the government since the 1970s.

When lead pipes are broken or flattened, they are particularly bad, because the levels of lead getting into your drinking water is likely to be much higher.

Fast and efficient water supply pipe installations.

Whether you need to replace these kinds of pipes or have broken pipes, DJ Pipeworks regularly install MPDE pipe replacements at properties in Surry. We can carry out both repairs to your pipes and full replacements, depending upon your unique needs. We install and repair everything from large diameter water mains to the smaller water supply pipes that feed the average home.

When it comes to finding the source of leaks, we use the most non-intrusive methods possible, such as the use of tracer gas, moling and acoustic ground microphones. This means we can find even the most hard-to-find leaks at your home or business. Work can usually be carried out in the space of only one day.

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