Published On: March 18th, 2019Categories: Water Supply Pipe Replacement1.1 min read

Is it time to have replacements to your old water pipes?

If you have an older property in Surrey and the water system hasn’t been updated in several decades, the chances are you still have lead pipes. In particular, if it was built before 1970 it’s much more likely to have lead piping.

And as you’re aware, it’s now known that lead is not good for drinking water. Exposure to lead is particularly detrimental to babies and young children; this is because they absorb more lead than adults due to their growing bones and other organs.

DJ Pipeworks regularly install new water pipes in Surrey, swapping your old lead pipes with modern MPDE replacements.

If you wish to check whether you have lead pipes at your home or business in Surrey, have a closer look to see if are soft and if gently scraped, expose a shiny, silver-coloured metal underneath. Tapping a lead pipe with a metal object will also produce a dull thud rather than a clear ringing sound produce by copper or iron pipes.

Our team have over 25 years of experience in the industry and are trained to meet all existing water bylaws and water regulation standards.

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