Published On: August 6th, 2018Categories: Leak Detection, Leaking Water Pipe1.1 min read

Are you worried you have a leak, whether inside or outside your property? If you’re based in Berkshire, simply contact our team today.

DJ Pipeworks is ideal for anybody who needs speedy pipe repairs or replacements in Berkshire. Our team deliver fast and efficient water supply pipe installations through the local area which are highly affordable.

What causes leaks in summer?

Troubles with pipes in summer can happen for all sorts of reasons: it could be because of an obstruction, clogged toilet, burst or cracked pipes, improper support of pipes… the list is endless. No matter the reason, you want a solution to this problem as quickly as possible.

It’s estimated that dripping water (at a rate of 1 drip a second) can waste up to 1,661 gallons a year. A leak is not only bad for your pocket but in the long term can also damage your property. It is also bad for the environment as you’re not conserving water.

Summer is actually the best time to be checking for any leaks before the cold weather returns.

With temperatures soaring, the likelihood is you’ve been using more water than usual, whether for drinking, showering or watering plants, and the last thing you want is a leak that makes your water bills even higher.

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