Published On: July 9th, 2018Categories: Pipe Replacements1.2 min read

Have you been wondering why your meter readings have started rising? Are you worried about the lack of pressure in your water? Do you want the reassurances that your pipework is working competently every day? For all these questions and more make sure you call upon the team at DJ Pipeworks where our pipe replacement services in Basingstoke could be ideal for your property.

Our professionals at DJ Pipeworks are on hand to give you the best solutions without the disruption that you may expect from water works. Here are three reasons why we’re chosen across the Basingstoke area for our pipe replacement:

  • Trenchless technology: To ensure that you don’t have a huge gaping hole in your garden or at the front of your property, we utilise trenchless technology. We’ll only need to use a small entry and exit hole to complete the pipe replacement.
  • Professional site survey: Before we carry out any work on your property, we will perform an initial site survey. This will flag up any issues that we need to account for before the replacement.
  • Minimal disruption to water supply: Our team will usually take a day to complete the pipe replacement on your property in Basingstoke. However, during the day the water supply will only be cut off for around 15 minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about our pipe replacement service in Basingstoke, get in contact with us.


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