Published On: July 23rd, 2018Categories: Water Pipe Repairs1.4 min read

Having trouble with your water pipes in Berkshire? Whether you have a high metre reading, low pressure or a persistent leak, our team can help.

In the hot weather, it’s likely your water pipes have been working harder than usual. Given most of us are using more water, the last thing you want is any leaks.

Although freezing weather is generally worse for pipes, damage can occur at this time of year too. Leaks can occur in summer for lots of reasons, including tree roots reaching out for water and nutrients and sun damage to exposed pipes.

A clogged sink or drain can also be a cause of older pipes breaking down. This can be common at this time of year thanks to the many BBQs and garden parties that take place.

Have your water pipes long been overdue a repair or replacement?

When you’re based in Berkshire and want quick and cost-effective repairs, simply get in touch with DJ Pipeworks today. We use the latest trenchless technology and moling equipment to lay and replacement any underground pipes.

Our repair specialists can carry out both repairs and replacements of older pipes with the latest plastic MDPE piping (the average house supply pipe is blue and 25 mm to 32 mm in diameter). We often install these types of pipes using a 45mm or 55mm mole piston.

Please note that we only carry out clean water supply pipe work.

Foul drainage pipes cannot be moled because they require trench work for an accurate invert of waste, which we don’t carry out.

We always aim to carry out any work with the least amount of disruption. If you need repairs to your pipes in Berkshire, simply get in touch today.

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