Published On: November 13th, 2017Categories: Leaking Water Pipe1.3 min read

Do you need a water pipe leak detection service? If you’re based in Surrey, DJ Pipeworks could come to the rescue.

Leaking pipes can cause significant amounts of damage to your property whether to the walls, flooring or under your sink. They can also literally drip away your savings by pushing up your water bill.

If left for a long time leaking pipes could even devalue your property and cause mould or fungus to grow inside your house, which is bad for your health. It can also cause structural damage if a drywall starts to absorb the water.

Detecting a leak doesn’t have to involve digging up your front garden or driveway.

With the latest technology like acoustic ground microphones or tracer gas, leak detection can be done non-intrusively and disrupt your property as little as possible. Whether you need to detect a leak or have a water pipe replaced, DJ Pipeworks can ensure your pipes are replaced quickly and cost-effectively. We work throughout Surrey to replace or repair water pipes at both domestic and commercial properties.

At DJ Pipeworks we use a variety of methods for leak detection including high tech moling equipment.

What are the signs of a leaking pipe?

Often a leaky pipe will leave a musty odour in the air, and it can also cause discolouration of the walls. Sagging walls or ceiling are another tell-tale sign of a water leak.

If you need a leak detection service in Surrey, simply get in touch today.


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