Published On: September 4th, 2017Categories: Leak Detection0.9 min read

With flooding in Texas and Mumbai in 2017, we’ve all had extreme reminders of what can happen when overflowing water gets out of control. Although leaky pipes might not be on the same scale, they can still lead to damage to your property, together with expensive water bills.

If you’re concerned about leaky pipes in Farnborough and need a leak detection service, DJ Pipeworks are always happy to help.

We use the latest technology to find the source of your leaks and can even replace your entire pipe system if needed.

With our leak detection service in Farnborough, we can use non-intrusive technology like acoustic ground microphones and tracer gas equipment to locate those hidden leaks. We can also use the latest trenchless technology and moling equipment to lay and replace underground water supply pipes, a technique which is ideal for driveways, pathways and gardens.

Our team are trained to meet all existing water bylaws and regulation standards. We will work quickly to fix any problems you’re having with your pipework.

If you need a leak detection service in Farnborough, simply contact us today on 07919247898.


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