Published On: September 18th, 2017Categories: Water Pipe Repairs1 min read

The last thing you want when winter begins is burst pipes, but unfortunately this is one of the most common times for problems with outdoor pipes.

When water freezes inside a pipe, it can cause it to expand, and continual freezing can lead to pressure building up inside the pipes. However, tree roots are also a common culprit when it comes to burst pipes as they are naturally drawn to a source of water.

Corrosion is another common cause of damage to pipes, with homes built before the 1970s often having outdated systems which need replacing.

DJ Pipeworks are always keen to help customers needing pipe repairs in Aldershot, whether you’re suffering from contaminated water or clogging and limescale. We can not only repair pipes but replace your old system if needed, with new plastic mdpe pipes.

Working throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, we use the latest technology to both detect and solve leaky pipes at your home or business, working in a way that will lead to the minimal amount of disruption.

Why not check out gallery of previous projects in the local area?

For the highest quality pipe repairs in Aldershot, simply contact us today on 01252 711858 or (mobile) 07919247898.


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