Published On: June 26th, 2017Categories: Water Supply Pipe Replacement1 min read

Need A Water Pipe Replacement In Aldershot? – 26th June 2017

There are many reasons to replace your pipework, but particularly if you have problems with lead contaminated water. The use of lead pipes for internal plumbing was only stopped in 1970, so if like most householders, your property was built before this time, the pipework could well contain lead.

In 2013, the standards for levels of lead allowed in drinking water was reduced, to keep in line with European water quality legislation. A third of properties in the North West are thought to still have lead pipes.

So, how do you check if your property in Aldershot has lead pipes?

Firstly, look out for unpainted lead pipes, which are soft and have irregular bends. It’s also worth trying the scratch test to see if there’s shiny metal underneath. If unsure, simply ask a plumber for a second opinion.

Other reasons to have a water pipe replacement include leakages, poor water pressure, and narrow bore water pipes.

If you need a water pipe replacement in Aldershot, simply call DJ Pipeworks today. We offer fast and efficient water pipe installations at competitive prices.



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