Published On: April 3rd, 2017Categories: Leak Detection, Water Pipe Moling1.1 min read

DJ Pipeworks specialise in trenchless method used to lay new supply pipes, which involves the use of a soil displacement piston run on compressed air. This technique avoids digging long messy trenches; it can be used to replace water supply pipes, ducting for cables gas pipes etc.

DJ Pipeworks is perfect for anybody who needs waterpipe repairs or moling in Surrey or the surrounding areas. We specialise in trenchless technology. We frequently use a 45mm/55mm Grundomat Moles for installation of pipes up to 2 inch in diameter. Beforehand, we will also carry out a free site survey to assess whether there are any existing underground services present.

We have over 25 years of experience within the water industry, including working on systems which have poor water pressure, lead contaminated water, leakages, and pipes which have clogging or lime-scale.

Our team work extremely quickly and can generally complete work within one day.

For non-visible leaks, we will locate it with the least disruption to your property and minimal interruptions to your routine. In those many cases when they’re not visible, we will use specialist gas tracing equipment to pin point source of leak/leaks.

DJ Pipeworks are approved members of WIAPS and proud members of CheckaTrade, the directory for recommended and trusted tradesmen.


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