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Need A Leak Detection Service In Farnham?

Have your pipes sprung a leak, or you suspect that water is leaking? Is your home or business based in Farnham, and been suffering from damp?


When fixing this kind of problem, time really is of the essence, and you don’t want to hang around. Water damage can cause serious damage and be extremely expensive, not to mention inconvenient.


DJ Pipeworks provides a comprehensive range of water services, which are backed by over 20 years of experience.


We help both homes and businesses in Farnham to fix their pipes.


Our team can detect any leak and replace your lead pipes if needed, with a plastic alternative to eliminate any problems.


A lot of customers suffer poor flow issues due to old iron pipework clogging up with lime scale; there are also meters where a customer will have to pay for any waste due to a leak.  New plastic pipework will not only increase the pressure, but also supply great flow rates to your property.


When carrying out leak detection work, we will cause minimal disruption to your home or business, working non-intrusively in the background. Our team use trenchless technology in order to do this, which means we can deliver a fast and efficient installation without the need for an independent inspection from the water authorities.


Our leak detection service can usually be carried out in one day.


To get in touch in Farnham, simply call 07919247898.